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Psychological Evaluations

Non Court-Ordered

Psychological evaluation of an individual for a mental health professional or the individual in order to provide information to be used for diagnostic/treatment purposes.

Pre-Adoption Screening

Psychological evaluation of an individual or couple who are pursuing adoption of a child from a foreign country.  These are tailored to the requirements of the country requesting the psychological evaluation.  Dr. Benson is especially sensitive to the needs of preadoptive couples as he has three adopted children (one international, two domestic).

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Psychological evaluation of individuals from childhood through adulthood to assess the presence of ADHD and other related mental heath issues.  The evaluation involves obtaining a thorough medical, psychosocial, and psychological history, psychological and/or psychoeducational testing, and collecting perceptions from those who know the individual well (e.g,. partners, parents, teachers).  The process takes 2-4 sessions to complete.  A written report summarizing the evaluation accompanies the verbal feedback regarding findings and recommendations shared during the last session.

ADHD Testing Accommodations (ACT, SAT, and Professional Licensure)

Psychological and/or psychoeducational evaluation of individuals who have been diagnosed with ADHD for the purpose of requesting accommodations such as extended time and/or quiet testing environment to hopefully enable the individual to perform at the highest level on the exam.

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